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- Candle and Cole’s beautifully hand-poured eco-friendly, sustainable, and cruelty-free candles. These candles are intended to uplift: the mind, body, and soul. Elevate your senses while infusing joy, love, and luxury into your space.


- All candles are infused with essential oils.


- Candle color and containers may vary(due to supply shortages), however, the scent and natural ingredients you love will remain the same.

Luxe Wax Melts

  • - 2.5oz

    - Wax melts are a safe and clean way to infuse your space with your favorite scent.

    - Use 2-3 melts to achieve desired aromatic strength.

    - You can mix and match wax cubes to create your custom scent of choice.

    - Wax Melts last typically 10-12 hours. After 10-12 hours, the fragrance oil has burned off. Please discard wax responsibly.

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