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Candle and Cole is a family-owned business. Their journey began as a unique bonding experience that turned into magical moments that they enthusiastically share with the world. The mother-daughter duo also gets logistical support through NiCole's loving and supportive life partner and incredible sons.

This small but mighty woman-owned operation led by mother NiCole, was a natural progression that stemmed from her love of the creative freedom provided through things like imaginative expression, fashion, and interior decor. She successfully incorporated intriguing and exquisite designs with unique scents and custom fragrance pairings, using high-quality products that are eco-friendly, and sustainable. 

Their products use a natural soy wax blend, recycled glass, and fragrances that are “Clean Scent” certified along with 100% cotton wicks that are zinc and lead-free. Candle and Cole take pride in every step ensuring each candle is poured with love and care. Candles that take you on an aromatic journey with scents that just make sense.

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